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The music of Devil In the Hills

       … tells stories that were kept hidden for decades.

This soulful Americana song cycle was inspired by recently discovered first-person accounts of life deep in West Virginia’s coalfields. A life that was dominated by the systemic oppression that kept miners and their wives under the thumb of coal companies and their henchmen. The album calls for a full reckoning, to bring an end to the generational trauma that continues today.


Latest News…

June 4th, 2021 is the official release date of Devil In The Hills: Coal Country Reckoning!

Go to maryhott.bandcamp.com to purchase the album in all formats (CD, digital download, streaming).  Only the CD can be purchased from this site. After June 15th it will be available on all streaming platforms, Amazon, iTunes, Apple music, Spotify…


Recent Reviews…

“This is grim history beautifully told…. “  –  Steven Wine, Associated Press

“Every once in a while, an under-the-radar artist with a new album sneaks up on me and so it is with Mary Hott with her Carpenter Ants… a musical and historical adventure… “   –  David Bowling, Cashbox Music Reviews

“…stunning forthcoming album… covers the long hidden stories of the men, women, and children who labored in the West Virginia mines.”  –  Joe Wolfe-Mazares, Ear 2 The Ground

“Singer Mary Hott returned to West Virginia coal country for the inspiration that congealed into Devil in the Hills… The stories she collected are as dire as the songs she sings, telling them matter of factly in a folk-rock setting often influenced by the balladeering transplanted to Appalachia centuries ago.”  –  Dave Luhrssen, Shepherd Express

“… a living, breathing indictment about the hardships and cruelty of life in and around the mines. A good for you record that’s good for you in more than one way.  Check it out.”  –  Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“This is really an amazing album. In a way it’s the way we learned about the underground railroad, which nobody really knew about until many years later. This is an expose…  really well done.”  –  David Eisner, WOWD, Takoma Park Radio

“…singer/songwriter Mary Hott is not messing around….  While generations of songwriters have addressed the issues of environmental damage, union-busting, and poverty-perpetuating corporate practices on the part of these companies, Hott shines light on an even more disturbing legacy…  The music is bluesy and dark, and benefits from outstanding production by Don Dixon (R.E.M., the Smithereens) and Michael Lipton… “  –  Rick Anderson, CD HotList: New Releases for Libraries

“Mesmerizing…  do yourselves a favor and buy the CD with the booklet and don’t just download.”  –  Vinny Marini, host of MusicOnTheCouch.com

“Thanks for singing and writing the peoples’ truth. It’s moving to see what you’ve done with the stories you’ve heard and read. WV needs this. Unity!”  –  Michael & Carrie Kline, ‘Talking Across the Lines’ at folktalk.org

“Powerful stuff indeed…The emotion in Mary Hott’s voice, as she sings her songs is a genuine 8th Wonder of the World; as she has the capacity to go from passionate Honky-Tonker/Murder Ballad one minute, ‘The Spot’ then grab your heart the next; … A rather fabulous album… and then, there is ‘Room of Lost Souls’ which …  sounds like a long lost Bobbie Gentry song; and if it was it would be heralded from the Rolling Stone rafters…  wonderfully created and constructed, you also get a booklet that details the background (and more) to each and every story …  and this alone should be available in every school across America…”  –  The Rocking Magpie

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